Davis Solutions has worked with some of the best companies in
the world. We are dedicated to helping our clients meet their
business objectives, enabling them to become more agile and
focused. The intersection between a successful technology
implementation and a successful company is having the right
people. At Davis Solutions, our goal is to provide the right people
to the right clients.
Two months before Go-Live, this client needed a technical consultant with
in depth experience working with the Manugistics NetWORKS Demand
Planning application. They had over two dozen critical technical issues that
needed to be resolved prior to going live.  We provided a high quality
technical consultant who was able to help our client close their issues and
successfully meet their Go-Live schedule.
Our client was implementing SAP and several Manugistics NetWORKS
modules, including Demand, Collaborate, and ONEview. This client
needed a consultant with technical experience building interfaces between
Demand and Collaborate, as well as, assisting the client with configuring
the Collaborate module. After successfully completing the initial requested
tasks, the client asked us to fix their initial ONEview implementation, then
migrate it to the next version of the application. The consultant successfully
implemented both versions of the software package and transitioned the
applications to a client resource. Additionally, the consultant supported the
Go-Live of all of the Manugistics modules.
Our client was implementing SAP and the Manugistics NetWORKS
Transport and Carrier modules. Our client needed a consultant with  
experience working with the Manugistics WebConnect Enterprise
Application Integration (EAI) tool. The consultant built interfaces between
the Transport module and Mercator/MQSeries. After providing our client with
a senior project manager to review and enhance their implementation plan,
we then provided our client with two additional technical consultants. The
goal of developing a batch architecture to support the Transport module
and modifying the interfaces was successfully achieved. Our team of
consultants participated in several Go-Lives and continued supporting the
client through successive rollouts of Manugistics worldwide.
The Right Clients
The Right People to the Right Clients